10 Day Transformation Kundalini Yoga Bali & Bondi Beach

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LIVE EVENT 12-21 MAY 2014

A Kundalini Yoga series to be held at a private estate on Sayan ridge, Ubud, Bali, starting on Monday the 12th of May 2014. This is a not to be missed event! Get yourself ready for transformation!

This unique experience of DAILY YOGA, takes you on an adventure through the powerful practices of Kundalini Yoga, kriya, meditation and mantra that will elevate you beyond imagination. You get to strengthen your body and mind, shift emotional blocks and increase circulation to the higher brain centers, this triggers a neurological process to awaken the consciousness. This technology combines the energies of the nervous system with the glandular system and stimulates the kundalini to balance and energize the entire being: body, mind, spirit.

You DO NOT want to miss this if you want to supercharge your life! Kundalini Yoga will point you towards your destiny!

  • 8-9am everyday
  • Ubud-Bali
  • Rp 1.2M

If you want to see the full 10 Day Transformation program here

BOOK NOW! Email Kimilla here

“One who masters this science does not need to write out formulas, or outline or create a variety of models. He is able to penetrate matter mentally, right down to the nucleus, and split an atom.” Anastasia


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