10 Day Transformation – Kundalini Yoga Online Course

by | May 3, 2014 | 10 Day Transformation, Flexibility, Kundalini Yoga, Lower Back Pain, Retreats, Weight Loss

Are you ready for the benefits of Kundalini Yoga?

The 10 DAY TRANSFORMATION with Kimilla is the most powerful Kundalini Yoga course available.

Filmed LIVE in Ubud, Bali

Who Is The Program For?

Individuals ready for transformation with powerful potential.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Discover techniques that help you get flexible and strong, release stress and activate your creativity.

Detox  The exact yoga sets Kimilla uses to detox, lose weight, tone muscles, balance my nervous system and live with an open heart.

Transform Fear Into Love   The best meditations to overcome the fear, anger and resistance that keeps most students and teachers stuck in ego and negativity.

Breakthrough Anxiety & Depression   Powerful mantras to activate a clear, elevated state of mind so you can breakthrough blocks and heal depression, addiction and emotional trauma.

Strengthen Your Nervous System  Breathwork techniques for rapid detox that balance the nervous system and boost vitality to overcome stress and anxiety without drugs.

Transform body and mond for just $222 USD with 100% money back guarantee.

Start your 10 Day Transformation today!


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