How To Create A Personal Mantra

by | Nov 1, 2014 | Kundalini Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Success

Decide what you want to create in your world, brainstorm all your dreams and propel your ultimate visions as rainbows of thoughts and desires to manifest in your life.

Write everything down on paper. EVERYTHING you want, don’t hold back, be specific, cover all your bases, be unique and radical. Wildness is key. Stop being boring with your future, make it divine!

Then create an affirmation to focus on. It must encompass your feelings, your divine dream and the priority target you are manifesting. Know your vision. You will perfect it.

A great mantra that helped me and was one of many personal mantras for over a decade was the Miracle Mantra.

Miracles, Healing, Humility.

The miracle mantra is a weapon like no other. I’m talking deep soul healing, for freedom from fear, depression and anxiety. It opens the heart for compassion, forgiveness and self-love, giving you a new heart-centered perception on life.

When I chant this mantra, I am bowing down in humility to embody the divine miracles of love. then I can manifest anything i want from a heart centered magnetic space of pure integrity and devotion.

Guru Ram Das is a vibration that elevates my level of consciousness and opens my heart. I know it works because I have been teaching it in my 10 Day Transformation yoga courses since the beginning of my journey. I swear by mantra.

The miracle mantra is also a powerful protection mantra, with infinite healing powers, creating miracles, activating the chakras and it’s so pure and simple.

The Miracle Mantra is for Every BODY!

  • Easy Pose. Sit absolutely still for this meditation for the full effects.
  • Hands on the heart, the center of the chest, right hand over left.
  • Chant the mantra for 11mins, focusing on the chakras. Enunciate each sound with your lips, so you feel a vibration in the lips.
  • Music: My favourite kundalini artists are Snatam Kaur, Jai Jagdeesh, Mirabai, Gurunam & Guru Singh. They all have divine tracks for all the mantras that I teach and write about.


Chant the sounds in each of the chakras:

GURU — root chakra
GURU — sacral chakra
WAHE — navel chakra
GURU — heart chakra
GURU —  throat chakra
RAM DAS — third eye chakra
GURU —  crown chakra

Fill your spine, all your chakras, your entire being in golden liquid light.

Heal your life.

Love Kimilla

Sat nam x

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