How To Create A Sacred Space

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Meditation, Success, Weight Loss

Yoga & meditation is a state of being, it’s not about the yoga space, candles, turbans, yoga tights and the spiritual ego!!! This is 2018, sacred space is about how beautiful the earth surrounding you is. How marvellous is your garden, the food you are growing to sustain your health, the flowers blooming to delight your friends…

To me sacred space is about nature, a clean earth to dance and live upon. If we are authentic yogis we are truly feeling the energy of the earth, the sun, the elements and the cosmos and tapping into the power of the universe, as we expand out awareness and merge with the divine. This can happen anywhere.

Manifesting a Space Of Love is the ultimate! A space for celebration, healing, creativity, family, friends and joy.

If every human on this planet was taught to Create a Space Of Love to last forever with your beloved and birth a family of powerful individuals. Imagine how beautiful this planet would be! NO more pollution, poverty, rape, murder. Just gardens and health, beauty and abundance. Parents giving their children chemical free food, homegrown, full of love. This is already happening in many communities. It is spreading. It is the future.

The fake religious spiritual slavery is not going to have any power. Altars of status and religious monuments, lost people worshiping gods and giving their power to religion. Unenlightened Yogis following teachings they have no connection with but the desire for significance. This is an expired program. STOP.

Extend the divine energy of your sacred space throughout your home, your work, your relationships, into your world. Fill your life with grace.


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