How To Do Yoga For Relaxation

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Anxiety, Beginners Yoga, Depression

De-stress with Yoga: Discovering deep relaxation, the ultimate rejuvenation for the Body, Mind & Spirit.

Relaxation is essential to physical, mental and spiritual wellness. The daily practice of yoga and meditation combined with deep relaxation helps to balance and elevate our energy. In the sacred space of deep relaxation, the body heals itself, the mind enters stillness and stress dissolves, through the awakening of awareness.

Our everyday lives, are getting more and more rushed, the pressure’s rising… without a daily practice of yoga and meditation, we have no hope!

The Mind is programed to resist, attach, control, compete, crave significance, play ego games and more. The lower consciousness is at it’s peak, humanity is experiencing the grip of the mind, greed, fear, depression, anxiety, all forms of suffering, that drain the reserve energy of the nervous system and deplete the vital life force.

Yoga and Meditation with deep relaxation acts to release the patterns of resistance (mind) and open the channels to distribute prana – vital life force, in the body and activate systems and nerves that allow the body, mind, spirit to integrate a new pattern of wellness. This is an example of the transformation from lower to higher consciousness.

“The purpose of Kundalini Yoga is transformation” – Yogi Bhajan

 10 Benefits of Deep Relaxation

  1. Rejuvenating, especially the parasympathetic nervous system
  2. Distribution of prana and integration of the energies stimulated by a yoga set
  3. Releasing stuck patterns in the muscles and blood flow
  4. Circulating glandular changes
  5. Centering emotional energies
  6. Stress management, balance the energy and let it go
  7. Experiencing the relaxation sensation
  8. Breaking old patterns & integrating new patterns
  9. Creating a rhythmic pulse of energy
  10. Improve sleep, sex life, overall radiance

 My Ultimate Yoga Practice For Rejuvenation

  • Kundalini Yoga and meditation for 40 days is the most powerful transformational process. Sat Kriya is my favourite practice for elevation and rejuvenation. It is a self-exalted experience that goes straight to the soul.

My Ultimate Yogic Relaxation Technique

  • Yoga Nidra is a brilliant guided relaxation through the whole body, releasing tension in the muscles and nerves, while stilling the mind and taking me into a deep rejuvenating sleep.

Whatever challenges are occurring in your life, remain aware of the higher consciousness, the flow of grace manifesting your dreams…  Meditate to still the mind and relax into the center of your being, so that you can listen to the soul…  this is where miracles happen!  Allow your essence to project powerful thoughts, creating beautiful feelings and divine patterns of living.  Love Kimilla


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