Meditation To Repair Cocaine Damage

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Weight Loss

There’s A Wonderful Technology To Repair Cocaine Damage, It’s Called Kundalini Yoga!

  • All Meditation stops at ‘Sa Ta Na Ma’. There is nothing beyond it. DO KIRTAN KRIYA!!!
  • All pranayama stops at Breath of Fire. There is nothing that.
  • These are the most effective tools we can apply – the results are 100% effective.

Kirtan Kriya Is the Most Important Meditation In Kundalini Yoga, As Taught By Yogi Bhajan:

  •  It does everything for you in proper order!
  • It is powerful for emotional balance
  • If you can’t ‘get it together’, do this meditation for 31 minutes and be totally balanced.

“If you could do only one, this is it!”

Step 1. Breath of Fire:

In meditation pose, with a straight spine, do breath of fire for 31 minutes. Powerful blood purification, stimulates the

Step 2. Kirtan Kriya for 31 mins:

Posture: Sit in easy pose with a light Neck Lock, Eyes closed and focused on the third eye (Brow Point), chanting the 5 Primal Sounds of the Panj Shabd.
Mantra: Panj Shabd – ‘SA TA NA MA’ (SA: infinity, cosmos, beginning, TA: life, existence, NA: death & MA: rebirth)
Mudra: SA press index finger and thumb, TA press middle finger and thumb, NA press ring finger and thumb, MA press pinkie finger and thumb. Each repetition of the mantra takes 4 seconds.

Music Tip: I recommend chanting along with Snatam Kaur or Mirabai, music can be found at Spirit Voyage Music.

Time: 31 minutes
5 minutes chant out loud
5 minutes whisper
10 minutes silent
5 minutes whisper
5 minutes chant out loud

Meditate on the L SHAPE: Let each ‘SA TA NA MA’ enter through the Crown Chakra and project it out to infinity through the third eye.

To End: Inhale and hold the breath for up to 1 min in stillness, then stretch the arms, hands, fingers and spine up. Take 3 deep breaths and relax.

The mantra SA TA NA MA is so primal that its impact on our psyche is like splitting an atom.

I have given this mantra to a yoga student with a severe cocaine habit.  He was a model/surfer/actor, in and out of hospital with kidney issues due to his lifestyle of travel, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

This young man started Kundalini Yoga with me in Bondi and quickly became addicted, within a couple of weeks, he was doing high level sadhana, studying the technology to heal himself, as well as attending all my Kundalini Yoga 10 day transformation events, private classes and retreats.  Very quickly his long term drug habit evaporated.  I observed the profound impact the yoga and meditation had on him over 1 year: He reprogrammed his psyche, let go of negative programs, cleared bad habits and detoxed at a cellular level.  Kirtan Kriya was his personal sadhana, for a while and this impacted his awakening and shifted his conscious dramatically to a fearless freedom, without drugs.  He is now a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, sharing the teachings that turned his life around.

“All drugs are a rape of the body. they stimulate certain centers not ready to be stimulated. You are not earning it and must eventually pay your debt”.  Yogi Bhajan

Love Kimilla


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