Kundalini Yoga Meditation For Beginners: Kirtan Kriya

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Anxiety, Beginners Yoga, Depression, Flexibility, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra

Kirtan Kriya is One of The Highest Meditations For Awakening

In one of my portals of awakening, I was practicing Kirtan Kriya everyday for 31 mins, falling deeply in love with SATANAMA, my infinity mantra. Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma vibrates the infinity cycle of creation.

Kirtan Kriya stimulates the nerve endings in the fingertips balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This positively changes your habits and works through insecurities.

The mantra is SA TA NA MA

  • SA TA NA MA is the infinite cycle of creation, birth, life, death, rebirth
  • SA TA NA MA is so primal that its impact on our psyche is like splitting an atom

How to practice Kirtan Kriya:

Posture: Sit in easy pose with a light Neck Lock.
Eyes closed: Focus on your third eye, if you get a headache visualize the energy coming in through the crown and going out the 3rd eye in an L shape.
Mantra: SA TA NA MA
Mudra: SA press index finger and thumb, TA press middle finger and thumb, NA press ring finger and thumb, MA press pinkie finger and thumb. Each repetition of the mantra takes 4 seconds, I recommend chanting along with Snatam Kaur or Mirabai, music can be found at Spirit Voyage Music.

Time: Start with 11minutes
2 minutes chant out loud
2 minutes whisper
3 minutes silent
2 minutes whisper
2 minutes chant out loud

To End: Inhale and hold the breath for up to 1 min in stillness, then stretch the arms, hands, fingers and spine up. Take 3 deep breaths and relax.

Music Tip: My favourite Sa Ta Na Ma track is by Snatam Kaur. DIVINE.

“The power of this mantra comes from the fact that it rearranges the subconscious mind at the most elementary level. It has the power to break habits and addictions because it accesses the level of the mind where habits are created.”– Yogi Bhajan


SA is the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be.
TA is life, existence and creativity that manifests from infinity.
NA is death, change and the transformation of consciousness.
MA is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite!

Some Words From Yogi Bhajan…

“If a yogi makes it a daily routine to do Kirtan Kriya with the navel, that will take care of the 5 tattvas, and if one does Sat Kriya for 11 minutes, it will take care of the chakras and keep them open, and if you do Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, it will give you excellence… and that’s how we shall meet the Age of Aquarious! “



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