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by | Nov 29, 2015 | Flexibility, Kundalini Yoga

Freedom on Fraser Island. My Kundalini Yoga career was in full bloom and I saw everything in my life in rainbow colours. I was leading my yoga students through a once in a lifetime yoga retreat – sailing with humpback whales, in the pristine waters of QLD, Australia.

We let go of everything, set sail, for 6 dream days on a 40 foot Cat. My heart was wide open to everything. I was studying the Vedruss teachings on board and sensed the perfect roots of humanity. I was finally remembering my divine blueprint.

Each day I would teach yoga with the sunrise before swimming with whales and dolphins.  There’s no denying it, I got to float in the ocean with a mother humpback whale feeding her calf. The pure love connection with these majestic creatures was strong. They were singing their songs all night long as I slept under the stars, thinking about the dreams of my heart.

All lit up by this paradise, I was dreaming with the cosmos and my thought was inspired by co-creation.

At age 26, I’d been following my vision for 6 years. Travelling, teaching yoga, exploring my spirituality. A yogis fairytale, yet I was still searching. Teaching Kundalini Yoga in nature is my true love. It’s a life path made of stardust, always enchanting. It feeds my soul when I share the nectar of meditation and the victory of grace.

As I relaxed into the aura of heritage-listed Fraser Island, I felt my wild essence awakening. The earliest known name of the island is ‘K’gari’ in the Butchulla people’s language (pronounced ‘Gurri’). It means paradise.

The sand bar appeared at low tide so we anchored the Cat and found a perfect yoga space. Sunset was cosmic, glowing rays, whales breaching and yoga students connecting to infinity. A marvellous destiny for free. Just go inward. We tuned in and I taught a Kriya for the navel. To activate the Solar Plexus – centre of divine power. Then we danced into the night. Celebrating that we changed our destiny.

Today, i’ve been completely immersed in living yoga for 30 years. Teaching for a decade, I’ve found that the science of Kundalini Yoga, if practiced everyday, works significantly faster then any other yoga to manifest enough self awareness, to get the person out of their suffering and neurosis.

Healing, transformation and empowerment is contagious. That’s why yoga and meditation have become the ultimate lifestyle program. I often hear the words “Kundalini Yoga feels like coming home”.  My prayer is that all beings get to experience that yoga is not limited to the physical, it’s a key to the divine.

Love Kimilla

Sat nam xx

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