I’m never over yoga, but what the hell’s happening?

At first I was entertained, watching the spiritual gold rush, from a luxury retreat in Ubud. Bali is one spiritual place, but it’s become the epicentre of bimbo yogis and dodgy teachers strutting their stuff with no substance, just trying to validate their existence. Bondi, Byron Bay, LA… It’s yoga everyday!!! Macdonalds style, supersized spaces, no grace on their faces, only botox and the residue of a night out on the town. Pretending to be ‘spiritual’ students of the light BUT they’re vampires burning their karma stuck in the second chakra: lust, greed and poverty consciousness. This industry is full of fakes, hypocrites and con artists and it turns me off. So many lost souls, pretending to know the unknown, regurgitating dogma but failing to figure out their own true nature.

I want to rewrite my yoga fairytale. Without feeling hijacked by the infamous duplicates, faking and flaunting their fraud with no future. In truth, the past 10 years of being a “yoga teacher” has been a compellingly beautiful adventure exalting my soul, but there’s something missing? I’m bored of babysitting, students that come and go, I watch their transformation, their ego burst, their heart shatter into a million pieces, their rebirth… It always happens. I’m not attached, my butterfly wings fly free, into the new dimensions of natural ecstasy. Dreaming about consciously creating community, centred around divine love. We’re one family of yogis across the world, there’s still hope!

Maybe it’s time to leap like I’ve always done, fearlessly focused on victory, back to the yoga mat.  Prayer pose ready to set flight, tuning in to the light. Feeling the desires raw and needing to be fulfilled by the sense of gratitude that only comes when we give and give and give. I feel utterly taken care of in this universe, my creative power is overflowing ready to inspire. I love sharing my essence and maybe the yoga teacher will pop up out of my heart again, in a greater formation, more enchanting then ever, to elevate with new souls, hungry for awakening.

SADHANA, ARADHANA, PRABHUPATI: discipline, attitude and mastery

Sadhana is a self disciplne of the mind and body to serve the soul, that allows one to express the Infinite within ones self. If you incorporate Sadhana into your life, everything starts to transform, leading you toward Aradhana, divine attitude and Prabhupati, your life mastery.

I love Sadhana. As I am practicing the sacred Kriyas and chanting in the Amrit Vela, my consciousness awakens, elevating my awareness to the ultimate intunement with my life’s mission. Sadhana is the MOST IMPORTANT part of my day!

Morning Sadhana – cleaning the subconscious:

The 108 yogi scriptures called the Kundalini Upanishads, call for at least 2.5 hours of sadhana before the rising of the sun. Yes, this is a big commitment. I recommend starting with 20 – 40 mins upon arising and building UP!

To get started with your daily sadhana Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga says, “get up in the morning before the sun, meditate, chant the mantras, do the exercises, call on your spirit, regulate the breath and get together in group consciousness”.

For the ultimate approach to transformation, healing and awakening, I rise before the sun and do my sadhana everyday. The greatest reward of my sadhana is that I become incapable of being defeated. Through sadhana I experience victory every day, I glow as a Teacher and have the ability to guide and inspire others.

10 Day Transformation – my trademark event happens regularly wherever I AM. Bondi, Bali, Byron, Mexico, Melbourne, Gold Coast…  COME!!!!!! Experience the power of your own daily practice, 1o days of Kundalini Yoga + Meditation gives you radical transformation on all levels. Life will never be the same.

Sat Nam xx Love Kimilla

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