Whale Yoga Retreat

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Retreats, Yoga School

Have you ever been on a retreat sailing, swimming and sunrise yoga with majestic humpback whales? Join Kimilla and the humpbacks in Hervey Bay for your ultimate yoga retreat!

Hervey Bay is situated on the south east coast of Queensland Australia, and from July to November each year the Humpback Whales visit the Bay, old and young, mothers and calves, all singing their songlines, across the universe. There’s nothing more beautiful or powerful then meditating face to face with these creatures. A once in a life-time adventure for your soul.

What You Will Experience:

  • Sailing, swimming, singing & sadhana with humpback whales, dolphins, marine and bird life
  • Kundalini Yoga with Kimilla on the boat every morning for 2 hours before sunrise
  • Lush organic food & raw chocolates, we’re all about healthy yummyness
  • Explore sand dunes, dingos, sea turtles and forest on beautiful Fraser Island
  • Sunset yoga with Kimilla on the sand bar & dancing under the stars

Email: kimilla@nullkimilla.com for more info

Love Kimilla

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