Metamorphosis. The Path Of A Yogini

by | Jan 11, 2014 | Kundalini Yoga

The Yogini of Love

Her spiritual practice, research and self-exalted experiences gave her a greater understanding of the nervous system, glandular system, organ system, chakra system and the brain.

She learned how blood, nerves, muscles, organs, and glands all work together.

She investigated the seen and the unseen, and the interrelationships between the physical and the subtle. She awakened her infinite potential, discovered destiny and set her compass to Co-Creation.

Her life is a constant metamorphosis. Inspired by the energy of Love, she deletes the dogmas, free from fear, following her divine dream.

Again and again, attracting another attunement of beautiful alignment, always activated and angelic.

She is pure love.

SAT NAM Yogis Heal The World.

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