Cosmic Love Miracle Mantra Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

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Miracle Mantra For Mastery! Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

“Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru as a mantra has a very simple meaning:

Guru is wisdom…

Guru is the energy that transforms darkness to light.  Gu is dark, ru is light.
Expanded wisdom and transformation into the light of ecstasy!
Guru is the teacher within, guiding you through all the adventures of awareness, from suffering to awakening to the infinite wisdom!

Ram is the infinite power, the manifesting power of God.

Das is living a life of divine service.

The Mantra for Love…

“Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru is a reflection cycle from your heart to the infinite, from the infinite to your heart. And it is that constant repetition like a heart beat, that relies on God. It creates the integration with your spirit- that awakens your soul- that brings into the normal activities of your day a power that’s within you” – Guru Charan Singh


When your serpent of light awakens, kundalini shakti flows through you and everything becomes miraculous. When your spirit awakens, you start to actually experience the all that is.
You’re in a state of awareness, you are living in the Presence.

Chanting the Miracle Mantra, FAST TRANSFORMATION…

Chanting the Miracle Mantra of Guru Ram Das is DIVINE!

I chanted this mantra everyday for 6 months before my awakening in January 2012. It helped me through the darkest moments of my existence.  The power of this vibration is phenomenal and I recommend that you chant it every day as a sadhana for the flowering of the heart and liberation from suffering. Unless your heart has flowered, you are not living.

You are living the life of the mind, in suffering.
You are living in heaven when your heart has flowered with overflowing love.

How To Practice This Mantra For Mastery?

  • Try 108 repetitions

“Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru, when we chant it five times on a breath and we repeat that, one hundred and eight times. Those hundred and eight times now take you on a tour of the universe and all its facets.  All the elements that compose our experience in the universe, both outside and inside.  Even the ancients were fascinated by this ratio- one hundred and eight.  The Greeks found that they could take a radius of the earth and take it all the way to the sun, a hundred and eight times.  They say from the earth to the heavens, a hundred and eight steps.  So as we go through a hundred and eight repetitions, we are completing every aspect in our life and taking the miracle so there is no break- there’s never a corner of darkness. There is only a constant flow of light, of life, and of love.” – Guru Charan Singh

  • Then try 108 repetitions 11 times! It’s about 3hrs, it’s amazing, completely miraculous… WOW

“You can use this, in a very powerful form.  If you do 108 repetitions, you will feel fantastic.  You will have opened the door of the heart.  If you want to take that and go so deeply that even the karmas are cleared, that even what happens at this moment in your life can be surrounded by the angelic hands of God.  Repeat that 108 times. 11 times.  That’s 11 times 108. That takes a little bit of time.  But as you learn how to do this, you enter in to a meditative place that doesn’t know time or space, because you become the master of your time in your space. You bring your heart, your energy, that light, that guidance into every moment in every place.” – Guru Charan Singh

The Guru Ram Das mantra is repeated 5 times in one breath – so a very powerful energy is created. ENJOY!

Take action today after you’ve completed your mantra and tonight tell me about the best miracle you created through out today.
Post it on Facebook or instagram, if you can photograph your miracle!!

Sat Nam

Kimilla x

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