Work with Kimilla x5

From: $950.00

5 sessions x 60 minutes
$190 / session

via Zoom (your meeting link will be sent in the session reminder email)

How to schedule appointment dates and times.

Scroll down to the Calendar and select your first date and time, then click Book now.
(this will automatically add 1 session to your cart)
We recommend a minimum 4 weeks inbetween your sessions, except where agreed with Kimilla.
To select each successive session, repeat the process: Select the date and time, then click Book now.

Once all FIVE (5) session / appointment times are booked, then select View CART.
Check your selected appointment dates & times shown in the cart are correct.
If you need to change a session, then click the red x next to the specific session to remove.
then return to SHOP > WORK with KIMILLA x5 page (click the browser Back button).
Select Day & Time > Book Now > View CART.

In your CART, enter the coupon code if you have one and click Apply Coupon, else
Select Proceed to Checkout.  (Add your details)
Checkout by Proceed to Order

When your Order is complete you will receive an email confirming your session dates and times.
Use the link in email to connect to your Kimilla account (or go to your Account > Bookings  to view your booking appointment times.

To vary your appointment after you have purchased please contact us at
Appointments can be rescheduled as needed to the next available time slot(s) provided your request is made  more than 7 days prior to your appointment date or that appointment will be forfeited. Failure to attend for any reason will mean the session will be forfeited. Please ensure that the date & time of you booking is added to your calendar.

For assistance contact us at or by FB Messenger.

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