Pearl and Crystal Mala beads



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Pearl and Crystal Malas

A meditative tool to assist in reducing stress and enhance wisdom. Malas usually consist of 108, 54 or 27 beads. Kimilla’s design has 108 luxury freshwater pearls strung on double silk thread and knotted between each pearl for near unbreakable strength with one large crystal known as the Guru bead. The tassel made of 108 rice pearls symbolises a thousand lotus petals.

Kimilla’s 4 mala designs:  click the ‘Choose an option’ tab above for more details on each mala.

  • Purity – Pearl
  • Humility – Amethyst
  • Self Love – Rose Quartz
  • Purification – Clear Quartz

Kimilla personally prepares Your Pearl Mala activation through a crystalline healing process and blessing.
Each Pearl & Crystal Mala is activated and cleansed with:
The Liquid Crystal Oracle + Aura Soma Serapis Bey + Calm & Clear Bush Flower Essence + Aura Soma white & pink pomander! 

Kimilla then sage purifies each Mala before they get shipped to their Priestess.
Your Pearl Mala is packaged in a white silk pouch hand made with love and intention in Byron Bay, Australia.

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Pearl & crystal mala styles

Pearl, Pearl & Amethyst, Pearl & Rose Quartz, Pearl & Clear Quartz

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