Rites Of Love

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Kriya

My Engagement Story… Enjoy.

The sunset at Kata Tjuta was an explosion of romantic colour, shining through the rocks into my heart and lighting up my soul. I could feel the cosmos was having a revelation.

Days had passed, we were travelling through the West MacDonnell Ranges, many marvellous walks, gorges, canyons and swimming holes. At night we were sleeping under brilliant skies of infinite stars… Everyday surrounded by fantasy landscapes, invoking the dreams of my childhood. I was dancing with the universe, practicing yoga in the bush, completely wrapped in the arms of grace. We were lost in paradise, we were flying free, just infinity and me.

There was nothing but nature. Embraced by her epic beauty, surrendering to her raw power. Day by day, nature softened me and opened me to the true essence of Australia, this sacred land.

The Uluru sunrise initiated our Rite of Love. We went walking into the shadows of the big rock, her gardens of fairies and bush flowers enchanted me, I was breathing with the great spirit of this world-heritage monolithic temple. I was being illuminated by the femininity and the fertility that emanated from within this portal of magic. I could feel my past evaporating, the fierce heat burning my eyes and lighting me on fire. I knew that a radical transformation was taking place, inside and outside of me, simultaneously.

On this divine day there was mystical love everywhere. A black snake appeared and we were activated with her medicine. Snake Medicine represents transmutation, initiation, and transformation; psychic energy, wisdom, and creativity; mystery, the unknown, and life cycles.

After the sunset over Western Australia, we set off to find a secret place, somewhere to sleep, to gaze beyond and set our intentions beneath the new moon. Alas, the new beginnings were imminent, but to what extent this would occur, I had no idea. The night sky was black and all the stars in this vast galaxy were witnessing my Rite of Love. Love Rites appear as a pure presence revealing our deepest desires and this was what happened:

He set the swag on a bed of red earth, we jumped in, my eyes were focused way up into the celestial realms, I could see ETs, objects of light and Supreme consciousness. Excitement was welling up within me. I had never tasted love like this before, a new elixir from heaven. Golden love was expanding into all of my light bodies, connected to the stella beings. I had finally let go of everything to explore the intergalactic wonderlands of love!

At that moment, my beloved started speaking to me “With you my divine feminine goddess, I could create a space of love to last forever.” I gazed deeper across the milkyway, drifting from star to star, then I heard another soft sound coming from this incredible being “will you marry me?” And into my hand was placed a magical ring. That’s when I jumped out of the stars and landed back to earth. I was face to face with the man of my dreams. I was surprised and overflowing with ecstasy, was this really happening? Finally I replied, “I would be delighted to marry you”.

Love is contagious. Once you get it, you can pass it on and on and on. It is the essence of the Universe. Thank you Divine Creator for giving me this bliss.

Dear Beloved, with you my divine Man, I could create a space of love to last forever and ever…

Love Kimilla x




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