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by | Nov 11, 2014 | Flexibility, Kundalini Yoga


On my quest for illuminating the divine feminine light, I have faced the darkest depths and awakened. I have reached for the wonderlands of my wildest dreams and surrendered the masks of illusory perception.

With a constant flow of inspiration from all that is, I’ve learned the ancient secrets of mastery. These amazing keys appear in my life at the perfect time to upgrade my consciousness and inspire my metamorphosis toward divine feminine supremacy and help me break-through the conditions and programs of the mind. My inspiration comes from goddess-like women, divine men, true shamans, high priestesses, avatars, mothers and… all the legends living their legacy.

I am all that I am. Spending my time as a devoted yoga teacher, creating transformational programs and yoga videos. But the essence of yoga is experienced when I’m surfing, playing in waterfalls and at one with nature.

The cosmology of who I am is being revealed, as I continue the dance with Creation. I am experiencing infinity and generating power within the soul, beyond the body and mind. My daily practice deepens through the layers of mastery.

I am directly experiencing the energy of love, that is the essence of the cosmos. On the path of my Truth, I am always discovering the wildest nature exploding from my core and leading me along the supreme path of the illuminated feminine.

That is who I am.

Love Kimilla xx





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