The Power Of Woman

by | Jan 1, 2014 | Kundalini Yoga

“My woman is beautiful. She has eight hands. She walks on a tiger—regal, beautiful woman. I see her and I love her. When I am with any woman, I like her to walk ahead of me. Because I learned from my woman, she walks ahead of me. In her royalty, in her dignity, in her imperial grace, she is the mightiest of the mighty. She is the majesty of the majesty. She is the divine of the divine. She is the only grace before which the Almighty God bows. To which we say, ‘Pritam Bhagauti simar kai Guru Nanak lain dhiae…’ She is Ashtapuja, the Goddess of the Universe, Conqueror of all, Most Powerful, Most Wonderful, Most Graceful, Most Infinite, She who rides on the Maneater, in Majesty and Dignity, in such a splendid identity, the whole world feels it as a fresh breath of life. Her very presence is the Totality of God’s Totality—She is Her Holiness.” – Yogi Bhajan

Wishing you a beautiful adventure into woman, let the divine feminine fly wild and supreme!


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