The Purpose of Woman

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Kundalini Yoga

My mission is to inspire women to become activated portals for the divine feminine essence to flow.

When I discovered the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga, almost 10 years ago, I was drawn in by its emphasis on sacred sexuality.  I immediately applied this practical technology of kriya, meditation, mantra and sadhana to my own personal transformation process from darkness to light.  Everyday as my own beauty blooms, I get more and more excited about sharing these yogic secrets that are fundamental to living as a pristine woman of light, in harmony with natural existence.

My daily devotion to Kundalini Yoga invokes grace, the quintessence of woman. With this practice I feel as though I hold the magical keys to the cosmos and I use my yogic tools on everything. I keep my body beautiful, my aura radiant and my purpose in alignment with my destiny. I keep practicing and the Kundalini continues to awaken all my energy centres, directing my infinite creation. As a result, I am deeply aware of the psychosomatic energetics of being a woman and the nature of birthing divine consciousness through this body.

Within my enquiry, I open my heart to the divine. With each breath, I expand with inspiration and then let it go.  I play with polarity, balancing the masculine and feminine, whilst strengthening the electromagnetic field and activating the operating system, the brain.  Many neurological transformations, mystical activations and lightning strikes have occurred to breakthrough the program of the mind.  The entire process has brought forth my purpose to inspire women to awaken the ocean of magic within.

I am guided through this cosmic adventure of consciousness by my soul’s longing to understand the purpose of being here, not by anything external.  It all started with my curious innocence and desire to experience heaven on earth and that is what has been creating my dream dance, of Kundalini, femininity, sexuality and spirituality.

I realize that there is nowhere to go, but within. Inside I see it all. I see that the purpose of woman is to overflow with magic and co-create heaven on earth.  Can you feel this within your own being?

Love Kimilla xx

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