Which Type Of Yoga Is Best For Weight Loss?

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Success, Weight Loss

Weight loss is a massive program of disempowerment and a trillion dollar industry. The best yoga program for weight loss that bypasses the commercial yoga trap is the 10 DAY TRANSFORMATION!!! Start today, it will blow your mind.

Yoga focuses on empowerment through returning the individual to a state of balance, with body, mind, heart and soul all switched on. This allows you to manifest a permanent shift in your reality.

I don’t believe in weight loss. But I do believe in shedding all the layers of slavery, to addictions, trauma, conditioning and expired programs of patriarchal society.

I believe in healing. Stop starving and start healing.

Love and appreciate your sacred life. The body must be purified and nourished everyday with organic wholefoods, pure water, exercise and inspired creativity.

The best yoga program for permanent weight loss that burns through the layers of fat and toxic emotions that keep the person blocked is the 10 DAY TRANSFORMATION!!! Start today. You won’t look back.

If 10 days is a bit deep for you, here’s my FREE yoga video for cracking open the body and mind to new levels of flexibility and self-love.

WATCH NOW: Weight Loss Yoga Video

If you have any questions, or need some help finding the perfect practice for you yoga journey, send me a message on Facebook Messenger: Kimilla Yoga

Love Kimilla

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