​Kimilla is available for online private coaching.


Kimilla is available for online private coaching.


$222 USD

1 session x 60 minutes
Via Zoom 

A beautiful opportunity to link in with the very highest aspect of yourself, activate your goals and create the sacred space work through your practices, business strategies, illnesses and psychological blocks. Targeting the most potent and advanced practices you need in your life. This personalised coaching brings accelerated growth, clarity and a powerful connection with Kimilla as your guide.

Speaking Directly With Your Higher Self

These advanced sessions are ideal for you if you would like a safe, sacred space to discuss any of the following:

  • Chronic Illness and trauma customised programmes
  • Yoga online business coaching for teachers
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Health and wellness
  • Kinesiology practices to release anxiety.

Includes personal report to support your practice.

Booking: You’ll receive a personal coupon code with your order confirmation email. Use the confirmation email link to book your session times. If you need assistance contact us at or by Messenger. Sessions are recommended as monthly and are subject to availability. From time to time Kimilla will suggest a variable structure for your appointments.

Please Note: Appointments start and finish on time. Please read the Appointment policy 



I provide a range of online yoga tools and education, designed to empower people to connect with their soul purpose and help them set goals for career, relationships, health, finances, mental emotional spiritual wellbeing. I am for the people who are seeking to follow their creative vision and to manifest their success.



Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. All appointments with Kimilla start and end on time. Your help in keeping the appointment schedule running efficiently is appreciated. If you are unable to attend an appointment please let us know.


  • Due to a high demand for appointments at least 48hrs notice is required for a cancellation.
  • If you cancel at least 48hrs before your appointment you will be given the option to reschedule at no cost.
  • If you cancel within 48hrs of your appointment you will be charged 50% of the cost of your appointment.
  • If you do not make contact to cancel your appointment or do not arrive for your appointment you will be charged in full for your appointment. No refund will be given. Unavoidable circumstances may warrant special consideration, but please note that the above will apply to most cancellations.


To avoid disappointment, please aim to keep your appointment. Session availability is limited and due to high demand, Kimilla is often fully booked ahead for a number of weeks.

Before contacting the office please go to the webpage of the session you have booked and check the session times available. Indicate this new session time when you contact the office.

Contact email:

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