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by | Sep 1, 2015 | Kundalini Yoga, Success

It’s the season to blossom and illuminate the spirit. Open your petals and release your fragrance to the universe. Spring is a natural time to cleanse our body temple.

Now is the perfect time to embrace the energy of spring, start spring-cleaning on all levels, and bring radiant shining beauty to all aspects of your life. Remember to align to the higher consciousness to birth new opportunities for evolution. Continue to grow into the light and be a powerful presence in the revolution of awakening that is taking place right now.

Do you know who you are? You are the Divine.

Know what it takes to be authentic and to embrace this fact. Wake up and shine your Divine radiance and infect humanity with it. Now is the perfect time to spring clean your life mission and stop hiding behind all the masks. Remember you are here to be the most beautiful expression of Creation.

Kundalini Yoga is my favourite key to unlock the consciousness of the radiant body…

We have 10 bodies, so it’s a big process to keep them all shiny! Being in a state of Divine radiance is possible when the 10 bodies are awakened and the Kundalini energy is rising up though all the chakras to the Crown Chakra. When all our chakras are balanced and energized we know who we are and thus channel the Divine automatically.

Spring clean all the chakras with Kundalini Yoga and all aspects of life will ascend to the next level of consciousness.

Walking, breathing, singing, dancing, playing, praying, meditating will enhance the spring clean. Set your intent to break free from boring old habits that are blocking your Divine radiance and set out on a miraculous adventure. Experience the rainbows of existence through your innocent eyes, discover something new, be a little wilder, and follow your heart.

Go into nature.

Sit in silence, listen, explore, and find out about this Creation, the inner and the outer realms.

Remember, give thanks for everything with an open heart, this will strengthen your relationships, keep upgrading to higher consciousness, live with passionate purpose guiding you to fulfil your life mission. And remember, fully experience your essence, the flowering of the heart, this is your awakening, see it, believe it, it is the key to being beautiful. You are allowing the Divine radiance of Creation to flow through you and shine from you as a blessing to all.

This is your life. The victory is yours!

I hope to see you glowing soon!

Love Kimilla



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