Yoga Diet For Weight Loss: ‘Eat As One Breathes’

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Flexibility, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Success, Weight Loss

The weight loss bandwagon is a trillion dollar industry. Don’t take the bait.

Follow your truth, honour your body, eat organic, seasonal wholefoods. Strengthen your digestion and your metabolism. If you have an addiction to food, break the habit, stop being a slave! Clear candida, parasites and the build up of toxins in your body so you can be light.

Weight loss is emotional, go deep inside yourself and clear the layers that are weighing you down.

I have witnessed countless yogis lose weight, one lady dropped 10kgs in my 10 Day Transformation, only 1hr per day. It’s so much more powerful than boring exercising because you get to confront all those layers, for emotional, mental and physical lightness. That’s the expansion and evolution needed to shift blocks permanently. Stop crash dieting.

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In my love for yoga, I tried many health and wellness systems.. so many.. and now I follow the simple principle of Divine Nutrition: All food is nourishment that lights up my soul.

My favourite lessons on Divine Nutrition come from Anastasia, so here’s a bite of her famous quotes:

“You know, these questions of yours as to what, when and how much a person should eat — they are best answered by the individual’s own body. The sensations of hunger and thirst are designed to send a signal to each particular individual, indicating when he should take in food. This precise moment is the right one for each person”.

“The world of technocracy, being incapable of affording each individual the opportunity of satisfying his hunger and thirst at the moment desired by his body, has tried to force him into its own schedule based on nothing but this world’s own helplessness, and then attempted to justify this compulsion in the name of some sort of ‘efficiency’”.

“Just think: one person spends half the day sitting down, expending hardly any energy, while another exerts himself with some kind of physical labour, or simply runs and perspires all over, thereby using up many times more energy, and yet both are expected to eat at exactly the same time”.

“A Man should take in food at the moment advised by his body, and there can be no other advisor. I realise that under your world’s conditions this is practically impossible, but the opportunity does exist for people at their dachas with their attached garden-plots, and they should take advantage of it and forget about their unnatural, artificial régimes”.

“The same applies to your second question: What should one eat? The answer is: whatever is available at the moment — whatever is on hand, so to speak. The body itself will select what it needs”.

– Anastasia

Start Your Weight Loss Transformation Today!!! 

Love Kimilla xx

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