“Do you ever question… Who Am I?  What is my Destiny? …

Dancing in nature, open so wide, nothing to hide.  C0-creating cosmic worlds, no control, let the collective powers unfold.  Rays of love emanating from a goddess, will warm up the soul.  The shine of one illuminates the whole.  We all know the unknown.

Beauty cannot be bought, it cannot be sold.  Let the desperation dissolve.  When we share our beauty, our whole heart flowers.  Without any need for significance.  Set free from the ego powers.

Believe in yourself, inspire ground breaking tenacity, for the elevation of humanity.  Shed the past and close the doors of destruction.  Face up to the souls of corruption, fearless integrity, until unity, that is victory. Planetary peace, a global garden of healing herbs, flourishing families, fertility and bountiful beauty everywhere.  From heaven to earth, earth to sea, in every country, a new awakening.

NO more war, No more disease, No more crime, No more poisoned water, No more prostitution.  We must become the revolution.

There is no mystery, just wake up to the pristine reality.  Let the destiny begin.  It’s your ultimate vision of yourself.  Youthful, beautiful, beaming with energy, the picture of health!  Take control of your purpose and your essence.  Start thinking, speed up the thought process, manifest marriages made in heaven, birth children with no intervention.  Seriously start to follow the divine map of creation.

I dance in nature to feel the energy of grace.  Get the kundalini rising, shooting through the spine, entering the brain.  Know the sublime, get in touch with your DIVINE.  Dream your divine dreams, focus hard to merge your dream into your thought process, without any limitations.  Conceive your own illumination.

KNOW THE ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING” – Kimilla  – Copyright


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