Yoga For Stress And Anxiety

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Are you stressed out or what?

A daily practice with yoga, meditation, breathwork & relaxation works to totally boost the nervous system & glandular system to clear out stress. The beauty of a good yoga workout is it aligns the body, mind & spirit. No matter what’s going on in life, it works!

Stop stressing and living in a state of anxiety!

Stress is not a fun state to be in. Too much stress begins to affect our thoughts, actions, our physical health & vitality.  It effects our performance at school or work & puts pressure on our relationships. Over time, stress sucks away our life force & happiness.

Pranayam (yogic breathwork) & meditation are very important for managing stress! In 3 mins you can be a different person.

Kundalini Yoga kriyas (yogic sets) help tremendously: The physical effects of the exercises pressurize the glandular system, creating a physiological response that counters the effects of stress. Kundalini Yoga also strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, our “rest and digest” mode, which counteracts the “fight or flight” response that is triggered when we’re under stress. I love the Pittra Kriya, to not only release stress but to also balance the chakras & help build internal strength to face whatever challenges arise so we can maintain our vitality & live our highest potential.

What are your triggers?

We need to learn how to recognize the things in our life that trigger our stress responses, this is key in managing our stress. Then consciously we begin understanding our behaviour patterns, eating habits, certain people all have an effect on our stress. When awareness sees ‘we are set free’. It’s a fact that stress is the greatest killer, so first we must work on ourselves & then we can serve others to get through the ever increasing, overwhelming stresses. Through Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, we can effectively manage our stress levels & stand in our power even when faced with very stressful situations.

In my 10 years of teaching yoga, I’ve found that Kundalini Yoga is the most effective process for my students to transform their emotion to devotion & their stress to vitality, after 1 hour, they’ve elevated their state of mind & generated enough positive energy to manage the stress overload of living in society.

I created the 10 Day Transformation for my yoga students to heal the stress and anxiety, the depression and addiction and the absolute slavery of living in a debt based society.

Follow the link below for the 10 Day Program. It’s an online course, 1 hour of Kundalin Yoga per day, via high quality yoga videos delivered to your inbox.

10 DAY TRANSFORMATION Kundalini Yoga Online Course

With all the pressure of our times, study, work, family, finances, health, maintaining a committed yoga & meditation practice can be challenging. But all it takes is a quick 11 min meditation & the mind is completely focused. Or a 25 min yoga set & the toxic emotions of stress & body blocks can be physically released. It’s such a gift to share the yogic technology that transforms any person any time.

Stress and Anxiety is Epidemic. Children and Teenagers are Suffering. What Is the Answer?  

Thankfully, I started yoga as a kid & throughout my school years, I continued my yoga practice. Constantly learning the art & science of activating my true potential became my highest priority & I wanted to share the magic I had discovered with as many people as possible, particularly the youth.

As teenager yoga was my anchor, it kept me in my heart & gave me incredible flexibility in life. I could see how much yoga balanced my emotions & cleared my mind of the stress I was facing. Before my exams I would make sure my practice was strong, to supercharge my body & prepare my mind to be excellent. Many times I would get 100% & top the class in high school, I was so calm & present that the answers would flow through me. I saw so many other students crashing, many of my friends were nervous, afraid & full of fear, instead of elevated, confident & empowered.

At the time, there was no solutions offered by the schools for students to manage their stress. Teenagers were simply intoxicated by stress emotions, many had acne, eating disorders & psychological issues, like self mutilation & suicide. Parents divorcing & children being manipulated, learning the art of unconscious relationships & not living in a home where the energy of love is present.  Others turned to drugs or alcohol to hide from the extreme. This is happening now more then ever, clearly our teenagers are out of balance & there’s inadequate support. They need itools for transformation, a healthy environment & a way to communicate consciously about their issues.

Yoga & meditation must be given to school students to support them to calm their nervous system & balance their mind, to cope with the increasing intensity of keeping up with life. Yogic philosophy teaches us to follow our highest purpose, so that we can live in sovereignty, not as slaves. This is key for young people to learn early & not be influenced by the projections & constant pressure of the world.


Sat nam

Love kimilla

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