Yoga Warm ups To Prepare For Surf, Sport or Gym Workout

by | Mar 24, 2014 | Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Success

Here’s a Yoga Set to Help Prepare the Body, Mind & Spirit for Surfing, Sport or a Gym Workout

“”Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine; to stay young, stay flexible”” – Yogi Bhajan

  • Wake up the Spirit! Stretch the Body! Focus the Mind!
  • Improve FlexibilityåÊ & Energize the Nervous System
  • Awaken the Kundalini for heightened Awareness – the subatomic energy that is your totality


1. Tune In with the Adi Mantra to Invoke the Divine Presence Within You

CHANT – Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (repeat 3 times on 3 breaths)

2. Yoga Warm Ups for Body, Mind, Spirit

CAT COW SPINAL FLEX – Rest on the hands and knees. Arch the spine down and raise the head with the inhale. With the exhale arch the psine and lower the head. Repeat 108 times, then inhale.åÊ Breath is rhythmical, long and deep through the nose. As you inhale mentally vibrate Sat, as your exhale, mentally vibrate Nam.

Exercising is meditating at the same time…

SPINAL TWIST – In Rock Pose, kneeling, spine straight, grasp the shoulders with fingers in front, thumbs in back. Inhale and twist to the left, exhale and twist to the right. Keep the chin in and the neck long. Breathing is long and deep. Continue 26 times and inhale facing for


NECK ROLLS – Roll the neck slowly to the right 5 times, then to the left 5 times. Inhale, pull the neck straight.

3. Circulate the Energy

LIFE NERVE STRETCH – Sit on the floor with the legs stretched straight out in front of you.åÊ Press the entire leg against the floor and pull back the toes, pressing the heels away from the body.åÊ Keep the leg muscles activated during this exercise.åÊ Keep the knees and ankles together. Stretch the spine up, drop the shoulders down and back and tuck the chin in slightly. Begin leaning forward from the hips, keeping the spine straight and reach for the toes.åÊ Wrap the index and middle finger around the large toe and press the toe nail with the pad of the thumb.åÊ Pull the toes towards the head as you stretch forward. Lengthen the core of the spine and EXHALE, bending from the hips and navel and dropping the head to the legs, stretching the head as far from the body as possible. INHALE and left the body back up, leading from the navel and hips with the head following the body. Continue inhaling and exhaling, lifting the body up and down, always leading from the navel and hips, never with the head. Continue for 2 minutes.

FROG POSE – Squat down on toes. The heels are touching and raised up. Place the fingertips on the ground between the legs. The face is forward. INHALE as you raise your hips up, keeping the fingertips on the ground, heels up, knees locked. EXHALE down, face is forward, knees outside of arms.åÊContinue for 2 minutes.

WINDMILL – Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder’s width apart. Bring the arms straight out to the sides parallel to the ground, palms down INHALE in the standing position. EXHALE bending forward from the waist, twist toward the left, bringing the right hand to the foot and the left hand straight up in back. Continue moving up and down to alternate sides in a rhythm of about 1 second up and 1 second down. Continue for 2 minutes.

To End: Stand tall like a mountain. Feet hip width apart, arms relaxed down beside the body. Eyes closed, meditate within, focus on the breath, long deep breathing to circulate the energy. 30 seconds. Bring your hands into Prayer Mudra and chant one long Sat Nam to end your practice.



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