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Yoga School is the world’s first FREE Online Kundalini Yoga School that will transform your body & mind, without religious dogma. Created by Master Instructor Kimilla.

Enrolment is open now and it’s FREE.

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Who Is The Program For?

For yogis ready to push their creativity, these industry-leading videos

offer maximum transformation for your yoga journey.

Yoga School will help you:

Get the power to take your yoga to the next level.

Learn Proven Techniques To Awaken Consciousness

Remove Dogmatic Layers From A Lifetime Of Conditioning

Increase Your Intuition

Focus On Life Purpose

Create A Legacy

What Sets Yoga School Apart?

Power to the yogi.

Extraordinary Yoga Videos

In Yoga School, you have unlimited access to videos, PDF’s and webinars. All yoga videos were created for you at high frequency emanation points including Australia, Bali, Kauai and Bhutan. Whether you’re a beginner yogi or a teacher, each unique video will help inspire your divine dream.

World-Class Community

Discover our global community of passionate yogis, students and teachers at virtually every stage of their yoga journey. Simply stated, there’s no other program in this industry that achieves such life-changing success and freedom from slavery.

Lifetime Transformation

The purpose of Yoga School is transformation. Each yoga set awakens your consciousness and effects you at the sub-atomic level. Yogic science causes a neuro-biological shift in your brain and opens creative pathways of intuition and higher wisdom.

Power to the Yogi.

Inspire miracles and mastery on the yoga mat and beyond.

FREE enrolment

Yoga School was created to fast-track your process and save you years of expensive slavery to the spiritual goldrush. You don’t need Gurus, Teacher Trainings, turbans, spiritual names and mala beads to hide behind. It’s 2018.

Dedicated Teacher To Guide You

Learning Kundalini Yoga requires discipline and without a teacher, the process can be impossible. Your dedicated teacher Kimilla will answer your questions, challenge you to KEEP UP and inspire your Awakening.

Here's What You'll Learn

Yogic Science

A 70,000 year old technology to awaken energy in the spine and brain with specific actions and results

Daily Practice

The exact framework I used to build a highly evolved Sadhana (daily practice) and fall in love with it

Mind & meditation

How to overcome the fear, doubt and resistance that keeps most students and teachers stuck in negativity

Master Keys

What you need to focus on, step by step, to delete the old paradigm and keep taking action everyday

Enrolment is open now and it’s FREE.

Let us find your ultimate practice, enter your name and email below:

What Our Students Say

“I totally adore starting my day with you. You are such a source of inspiration! People like you help change the old energy pattern with a new one. Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life.”
– Asya

“I’ve been doing Kimilla’s videos every morning for the last 2 months and I’m totally in love!! She’s truly a beautiful woman I️ admire. I have experienced lots of positive benefits from her kundalini meditation and exercises” – Amy

“I immediately felt Kimilla’s instruction was powerful, authentic, and from the heart. After 5 months I feel much stronger, more balanced and peaceful! Thank you!!” – Cindy

“Thank you for putting your work out into the world. You are amazing.” – Phil

“Kimilla’s kriya for depression is a challenging practice. I did it for seven days, as recommended, and was transformed. After the seven days I came back to my yoga practice and was able to move beyond barriers I had never reached before. I came back to my practice both physically and mentally stronger. I accessed and dissolved negative energy I didn’t realize existed.  I accessed knowledge and information about myself I didn’t understand before. I’m grateful for this practice and for the experience. Thank you Kimilla, peace and love to you”. – Valerie

“I really love the way you teach. Very pure and precise!” – Steve

“I am practicing everyday with Kimilla. Thank you for your kindness, love and beautiful energy! You are wonderful beautiful Angel.” – Veronika

“Thank you Kimilla for sharing your secrets! I can’t wait to read and learn new things from you. Your way of teaching kriyas is very motivational, I hope when I finish my training I will teach like you.” – Joseph

“I do yoga with you online every single day, no breaks. I’ve seen a huge change in my body which I’m proud of and have shared your videos with my chronically ill cousin, and he too is noticing the benefits. Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life. ” – Derek

“I started doing Kimilla’s videos a year ago and have not stopped! I’m very choosy with my teacher but I feel very connected to Kimilla for some reason, and now I am doing my teacher training in LA!” – C.Dass

“Kimilla’s work has pushed me to raise the bar of my own intentions. Even coddled me to dig deeper into my experience of divine beauty. Thank you. This meditation was very special. I am born in the middle of the month of December, which is ruled by Jupiter, and in a few days that planet will pass through my house for the first time in years. I am ready and gratified. This was love. Kimilla, I can’t thank you enough”. – Ben