How Yoga Set For Becoming Enchantingly Beautiful Changed My Life

by | May 1, 2014 | Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Success, Weight Loss

I Practiced The Yoga Set For Becoming Enchantingly Beautiful Everyday…

For every action, there is a reaction, equal and opposite. That is the law of KARMA, that is the law of the universe.

The actions of our yoga practice need to be very specific to get the equal reaction. When I select what yoga set, meditation, mantra is perfect for my spiritual evolution, physical body and divine feminine essence, at a given time, I must have in mind what I want to get out of it. Thought is the origin of everything.

I know what I want, I want magic. I want love, I want abundance, I want power!

What is magic to me? Magic is an overflow of miracles in my day, exploding my perceptions, relationships and expanding my inner experience of who I am. Magic inspires me to stay focused on infinity, fills me with abundance and connects me to my divine self. With magic I am committed to my life’s mission and flowing through my dream life without suffering. Magic is having the power to confront everything from a crystal clear mental space, without projecting my fears, to breakthrough the program of suppression of the feminine and live in love.

To put it simply, magic happens when my kundalini energy is rising up my spine to my brain.

The Yoga Set For Becoming Enchantingly Beautiful appeared in my life at the beginning of 2013. Working on myself  through the Oneness University since 2006 and teaching Kundalini Yoga for so many years, I felt that I had gone through most of the darkness of the universe. I thought I’d burned all my karma and was ready to ask for the man of my dreams, without getting trapped by another karmic relationship. When the Oneness University confirmed my Awakening at the 28 Day Deepening in India, January 2013, I thought GREAT NOW I WILL MANIFEST THE ONE!

I went straight to my manual and started practicing the Enchantingly Beautiful Kundalini Kriya everyday combined with the Adi Shakti goddess mantra, to vibrate the supreme feminine, the cosmic Mother energy and elevate my frequency to that. This combination of yoga, mantra and meditation was given to me by the divine as the perfect formula to prepare me to receive my ultimate soulmate, the Man that I had been searching for, forever. That was the root of my intent. I knew that HIS LOVE would be the next awakening for me! I had no idea who he was. Andrew and I had gone our separate ways and I was wide open to whatever this yoga practice was creating.

The most important thing was I was becoming enchantingly beautiful, so that the Man of my dreams could see me! LOL

After a couple of days, many people started saying to me, “you look so beautiful”,  I laughed to myself and watched this happen constantly for months. I was loving the secret power I was accumulating with this simple morning practice, so I continued it for about 5 months. Within this time, I faced my fears, my aloneness, I fell completely in LOVE with my life mission, my quirkiness, my eccentricity and most importantly, MY SELF!  I found the absolute grace within my being. I am cosmic love became my new mantra. And, I kept up with Becoming Enchantingly Beautiful everyday.

A year later: I have been engaged to my soulmate for 8 months, we are living the divine dream, that I have been searching for lifetimes for. I am creating my ultimate yoga goddess business to inspire, teach and awaken.

I am infinite!


Get naked or get into your favourite lingerie, practice this yoga set everyday, fall in love with your beautiful body, the form that your divine flows through! Once this LOVE happens, you will know what I am talking about, you will be able to MANIFEST EVERYTHING YOU WANT!


Love Kimilla

You Are So Divine xx





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