10 Day Transformation

The Most Powerful Kundalini Yoga Course


The World’s First FREE Kundalini Yoga School

Life-changing online yoga videos to watch everyday.

Master your practice, transform body and mind, get flexible, lose weight & overcome addictions.

Discover yoga & meditation techniques for stress, anxiety and depression.


The Ultimate Kundalini Yoga Secrets To Unlock Your Heart

Learn 50 kriyas & 18 meditations that will change everything.

Create the rare state of fearless love, everyday of your life.

10 Day Transformation

The more you do it, the better you feel.

Day 1 – Get Your Kundalini Rising!
Day 2 – Boost Immunity
Day 3 – Core Workout
Day 4 – Weight Loss
Day 5 – Power
Day 6 – Cleanse
Day 7 – Liver Lover
Day 8 – Purity
Day 9 – Become Enchantingly Beautiful
Day 10 – Victory!


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