The Most Powerful Kundalini Yoga Course

The More You Do It, The Better You Feel

Immerse in a life-changing process like no other.

How it works

  • Online yoga course delivered daily to your inbox
  • You get 10 x 60 minute exclusive videos
  • Easy to follow worksheets you can print out or view online

Filmed LIVE in Bali

  • Watch the videos in the comfort of your home
  • 17 Kundalini Yoga sets + 5 Meditations to boost vitality
  • Kimilla takes you inside her dream yoga world!

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

A 70,000 Year Old Yogic Science

10 Day Program

  • Day 1 –  Get Your Kundalini Rising!
  • Day 2 –  Boost Immunity
  • Day 3 –  Core Workout
  • Day 4 –  Weight Loss
  • Day 5 –  Power
  • Day 6 –  Cleanse
  • Day 7 –  Liver Lover
  • Day 8 –  Purity
  • Day 9 –  Enchantingly Beautiful
  • Day 10 – Victory!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Discover techniques that help you get flexible and strong, release stress and activate your creativity.


The exact yoga sets I use to detox, lose weight, tone muscles, balance my nervous system and live with an open heart.

Transform Fear Into Love

The best meditations to overcome the fear, anger and resistance that keeps most students and teachers stuck in ego and negativity.

Breakthrough Anxiety & Depression

Powerful mantras to activate a clear, elevated state of mind so you can breakthrough blocks and heal depression, addiction and emotional trauma.

Strengthen Your Nervous System 

Breathwork techniques for rapid detox that balance the nervous system and boost vitality to overcome stress and anxiety without drugs.

Who Is The Program For?

Individuals ready for transformation with powerful potential.

Yoga for every BODY

Increase sexual potency, improve relationships and create success!

Fearlessly step into your power and embrace your full potential as a human being, so you can go beyond suffering and create your ultimate life. All people of all ages can do yoga. No previous experience necessary.

What Our Students Say

“I have just completed Kimilla Yoga’s 10 day transformation. All I can say is…wow! I have never done anything like this before and didn’t know what to expect.  Previously I’ve done Hatha and Iyengar Yoga, but Kundalini is a whole other level in my opinion! After 10 days, my stomach is much flatter and I already feel more toned. I’m also walking a lot taller and with more confidence. I now have some great tools to continue on. Thank you so, so much Kimilla! I am so grateful to have been introduced to this amazing practice”. – Louisa, Byron Bay

Kimilla Money Back guarantee


If after your 10 Day Transformation, you do not feel you have received results for body and mind, turn in your videos and materials and we will send you a full refund* for the course.

Start Your Transformation

The more you do it, the better you feel.

The course will be sent to you immediately.

$222 USD

What Our Students Say

“I’m a flight attendant and use your videos every morning in my hotel room. Sometimes when working, I barely have time to exercise, so at the very least I can fit in your 13 minute warm up video. It’s a lifesaver. I love the way it makes me feel. Thanks so much for blessing us with your videos. They have made such a huge difference in my life. Love your voice, outfits, and the overall high vibe of your vids. Kundalini is where it’s at. Have been doing it for over 5 years. I can only exercise now if I love it, and this feels so good during and after. Some people can’t believe that I am in my 40s, and I think kundalini has a lot to do with it. Love that yoga says you are as young as your body is flexible. Funny thing is that I’m not super flexible, but that doesn’t matter. I can still do your videos with ease. Although, they can be extremely challenging as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing your passion so generously on Kimilla.com for all of us to benefit.” – Sandra, Pennsylvania