Kimilla Grace is a yoga teacher and surfer, living by the ocean in Byron Bay, Australia


Kimilla Grace is a yoga teacher and surfer, living by the ocean in Byron Bay, Australia

Welcome to my online Kundalini Yoga School!

I created this school for everyone to practice Kundalini Yoga, as an applied yogic science for transformation.

About me

I live by the ocean in beautiful Byron Bay, surrounded by nature, pristine beaches, surf spots, waterfalls, tea tree lakes and national parks. I have always been drawn to the water, it is my place of power.  

I love surfing and temple dancing. I have a husky called Inca. I am a bookworm. I devour sacred texts. I climb volcanoes. I create yoga videos. I am an eternal free spirit. I am a Kinesiologist and a Liquid Crystal Practitioner. I am studying Applied Physiology and Aromatherapy. I love travelling the world!

I felt an ancient connection to spiritual practice since childhood and have always practiced yoga, all styles are close to my heart. It is like an anchor to the divine. 

As a little girl, growing up in a surf village, playing in the ocean and the bush, surfing and yoga were part of my everyday life. I was inspired by a beautiful Swami from India, and I followed along with her videos and books, she embodied pure grace, divine feminine power and mastery.

When I was 20 I landed in Sri Lanka, where a vision came to me that I must teach yoga. From that moment, I embodied my destiny. Naturally teaching, retreats, creating videos, it just fell into place.

Kundalini Yoga came into my life during my Hatha training in Sydney when I was 21. I resonated with this practice like no other, I felt divinity and instantaneous awakening to infinite beauty. 

I fell in love with the enchanting library of kriyas, this is the true treasure of Kundalini Yoga. I wanted to find the magic and that was it! I remember the morning when I experienced my first KY class and my life changed forever. I knew it was my destiny because my spirit exploded, heart and crown chakra beaming for days!

I was so happy!

This was the awakening of my kundalini energy and a return home. I have never stopped teaching what I have discovered, I am honoured and grateful to share this divine adventure with my family of yogis.

Each Kriya, each breath is an initiation for me, a rebirth, a remembrance that I am eternal life. The body is the body. Once the spirit it activated anything is possible.

I created my YouTube channel KimillaTV in 2016 to share my creativity as a yogini. My yoga videos are filmed in Bhutan, Kauai, Bali and Australia. My Advanced Yoga videos are filmed in my home playground, on the beaches of Angourie and Yuraygir National Park. 

Everywhere I have travelled on this Earth I have connected with great teachers and High Alchemy. I love visiting emanation points, places of power and magic. I am dreaming up an adventure to the ancient holy places of the Christ-Magdalenes.

I am excited about future retreats planned in Morocco and New Zealand and I am looking forward to connecting with my family of yogis around the world! 

I welcome you and your community to enjoy all my videos. Start with the 10 Day Transformation. I created this course for people to awaken, fast. Immerse yourself in Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditation, it’s a divine adventure for your soul.

Love Kimilla x


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Reiki Master



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Book your private tuition with Kimilla one-on-one online or in person.


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