A practical guide to creating your ultimate yoga practice and living your dream.


The more you do it, the better you feel

Immerse yourself in a life-changing process like no other.


Elevate your whole being: body-mind-spirit
Want to deepen your practice but have no idea how?

Kimilla teaches you how to set intelligent goals for all aspects of your life: love, health, finance, career, relationships, life contribution. She gives you the keys for accelerating your inner growth and transformation. You will learn how to co-create with the universe and manifest everything you desire.

Ready to learn the most amazing yoga sets on the planet?

Learn the art of activating your heart for boundless love and get the tools that will have your relationships healing and abundance flowing.

Do you struggle with finding the right meditation?

Great! This manual will inspire you to get out of your head and into your heart, where the true self can be experienced. Learn how to meditate like a master in no time at all.


Chapter 1 – Yogic science

Learn how to ride the waves of your breath in rhythm with your posture to vibrate your entire being: body, mind, spirit.

Chapter 2 – Yoga sutras

Be inspired by the enlightened masters to elevate your thoughts from duality to oneness.

Chapter 3 – Goals

Fine tune your goals to ensure you get instant impact and success from your practice.

Chapter 4 – Rise up!

Get the knowledge you need to start your personal practice in a way that balances your brain and energises your aura.

Chapter 5 – Yoga love

The all you’ve ever needed toolkit to open your heart and soul with yoga.

Chapter 6 – Finding balance​

The best kundalini kriyas for balancing the head and heart.

Chapter 7 – Forgiveness & compassion​

Learn how to find gold in your practice and purify the emotions of hate, jealousy and fear with a seriously dynamic workout.

Chapter 8 – Detox

All the knowledge you need to ensure you clean out your lymph glands and adjust the lower back for energy balancing.

Chapter 9 – ​Immunity

The most comprehensive instructions on everything you wished you knew about circulation, immunity and cellular oxidation

Chapter 10 – Abundance

The ultimate yoga and meditation kriyas to create new opportunities and attract prosperity, fulfilment and success into your life.

Chapter 11 – Heart Meditations

Everything you need to know to heal your heart, so you can open up to new love and project your most powerful, radiant personality.

Chapter 12 – Love Wisdom Power

Mastering the art of meditation, to uplift your soul and make cosmic connections.

Chapter 13 – Healing Mantra​

The healing sounds of creation to save your soul when disaster strikes.


"I found Kimilla’s Sodarshan Chakra Kriya on location in Nepal and have been a devoted Youtube student ever since. Her teaching is a true transmission. When i saw her offering for donation based 10 day Kundalini Yoga Transformation in response to the corona virus crisis, i signed up. (I am on Day 4)This offering is so far beyond my hopes and expectations, truly inspiring and transforming. Kimilla delivers the ancient teachings with breath-taking (breath-GIVING) grace and humility, truly embodying the divine feminine. And the musical accompaniment is sublime, period. Kimilla you are a blessing to me, to all of us. Your radiance and devotion help me commit to the effort required to keep up because i want to meet my own radiant self. 10 day Transformation shows how to use this Coronavirus crisis to crown our sat nam selves."

Genna Pieri

"I went into the first day hoping to find some sort of peace, an inner calm inside myself that would support me through times such as these. Not only did I find that peace by being lovingly supported by you but I found a practice that will continue to support and grow me for eternity.
You made it so easy to feel included as if I was right there in the class with you and I did my very best to experience everything right down to the beautiful flowers! You have changed my life forever!"

Jennifer Jones

"I immediately felt Kimilla's instruction was powerful, authentic, and from the heart. After 5 months I feel much stronger, more balanced and peaceful! Thank you!!"


"Thank you for putting your work out into the world. You are amazing."


"I totally adore starting my day with you. You are such a source of inspiration! People like you help change the old energy pattern with a new one. Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life."


"I've been doing Kimilla’s videos every morning for the last 2 months and I'm totally in love!! She’s truly a beautiful woman I admire. I have experienced lots of positive benefits from her kundalini meditation and exercises"


"Kimilla's kriya for depression is a challenging practice. I did it for seven days, as recommended, and was transformed. After the seven days I came back to my yoga practice and was able to move beyond barriers I had never reached before. I came back to my practice both physically and mentally stronger. I accessed and dissolved negative energy I didn't realize existed.  I accessed knowledge and information about myself I didn't understand before. I'm grateful for this practice and for the experience. Thank you Kimilla, peace and love to you."


"I really love the way you teach. Very pure and precise!"


"Kimilla's work has pushed me to raise the bar of my own intentions. Even coddled me to dig deeper into my experience of divine beauty. Thank you. This meditation was very special. I am born in the middle of the month of December, which is ruled by Jupiter, and in a few days that planet will pass through my house for the first time in years. I am ready and gratified. This was love. Kimilla, I can't thank you enough."


"Thank you Kimilla for sharing your secrets! I can't wait to read and learn new things from you. Your way of teaching kriyas is very motivational, I hope when I finish my training I will teach like you."


"I do yoga with you online every single day, no breaks. I've seen a huge change in my body which I'm proud of and have shared your videos with my chronically ill cousin, and he too is noticing the benefits. Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life."


"I am practicing everyday with Kimilla. Thank you for your kindness, love and beautiful energy! You are wonderful beautiful Angel."


"I started doing Kimilla's videos a year ago and have not stopped! I'm very choosy with my teacher but I feel very connected to Kimilla for some reason, and now I am doing my teacher training in LA!"

C. Dass



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